Parent Cue 7.9.19


Crew Nights.jpg

Tonight we will be kicking off Crew Nights with the first one of the summer! Crew Nights are a little bit different from our normal program, it’s a time when we allow to students to hear from some different teaching and go deeper with some bigger group discussion!

This summer we will be going through the series Real Life. This series is all about how to have real connections in a world that is becoming increasingly more disconnected. To learn more, you can watch the trailer below! Tonight’s topic is all about real friendship. We’re going to go to the Bible to learn about what makes up a real friendship, and how we can find it.

Bottom Line: Real friendships start when Jesus heals our shame.

Ask This:

  1. What does a real friendship look like?

  2. Do you have people in your life that you can call real friends?

  3. Do you feel like you have to put up a front in your friendships?