Parent Cue 7.17.19 and New Team Update!


Zach and Sierra.jpg

A couple of months back, Jolani Yeager transitioned out of her role as the Connections Director for the NYM team and into a different role with Northridge. Graham has been filling that role for the past 4 months and is very excited to announce the addition of a new teammate who will now take the connections role: Zach Laskowski!

Zach is an awesome guy who is passionate about what God is doing at Northridge Church. Zach is married to Sierra, who has been serving on staff at Northridge for over two years working with Graphics and Digital Communications. Zach is currently pursuing his Biblical Studies degree from Eternity Bible College. He enjoys eating Chickfila, cheering for the Indianapolis Colts, and helping more students look more like Jesus! Here's what Zach says about stepping into this new role: "I'm so excited to work with this incredible team to see more students more like Jesus. God has done amazing things through NYM in the past and I can't wait to see what he does in the future." If you see Zach around, be sure to welcome him and introduce yourself!


Crew Nights.jpg

Last week was our first week of Crew Nights, and we had a great time with our students diving into some tough topics and discussing them with our crews! We kicked off a series called Real Life, which looks at the book of Philippians to see how we can experience real life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. To learn more about the series check out the video below!

Tonight is Crew Night 2! We’re going to be discussing the topic of Real Confidence in our crews, what does it look like to have real confidence? Are we living in confidence or are we living in fear of death? We will take a look at Philippians and see that we are able to live a life free of the fear of death because Jesus conquered death. We see that in Christ we have the ultimate reason to live, and no reason to fear death. The video tonight deals with some very real issues like the fear of death and the reason why we live, and so we encourage you to keep the conversation going with your students beyond Wednesday night. Below you can find some discussion topics to keep the conversation going.

Bottom Line: Real confidence comes when we know that Jesus conquered death.

Discussion Topics:

  1. “Death is a very real thing, is it something we should fear?”

  2. “What things are you living for right now? What does Jesus say we should live for?”

  3. “What does it mean that ‘Jesus conquered death?’”