Fall Retreat News - The Wkend 2019!

The Wkend 2019

We are so excited to head back to Saranac Lake for our Annual Fall Retreat! It’s a weekend of worship, teaching, and small group bonding to help propel students into the coming year. Because this retreat is at the beginning of the fall, we have found that it is an amazing opportunity to build upon and solidify relationships within small groups. Check out the details below!


With only 9 weeks left to go, here’s what you need to know:

  1. This retreat always falls on Columbus Day weekend. Because Columbus Day is a week later this year than what we’ve experienced the past few years, the dates for this retreat are October 11-13.

  2. This year, every school in the Rochester area has off on Friday (due to a superintendent conference), October 11th. While normally we would not leave for this retreat until after Dinner on Friday, in order to capitalize on students having off that day, we will be leaving the morning of Friday, October 11th (students will be dropped off at the Irondequoit Campus at 8:00 AM to leave by 9:00 AM).

  3. Last year, we stayed later on Sunday to maximize our time at camp, which made for a later pick up time for parents that night at church. Leaving earlier this year will allow us to leave the camp on Sunday right after lunch which will put us back at the church around 5:00 PM.

  4. The cost of this camp is going to be $160. Why the increase?

    1. Inflation - Every camp that we go to comes with a raise in price each year due to inflation.

    2. Extra Meal - Because we will be leaving earlier on Friday, we have the opportunity to have dinner at Saranac, which affects the price. **Shameless plug - THE FOOD IS AMAZING**

  5. Graham Spruill, our Student Ministry Director, will be teaching the content for this weekend. The series is called Chosen Youth, pushing for our students to have bold faith and be world changers in a world in need of change.

Keep your eye on the Parent Blog as we give updates about registration!