Parent Conversation Starters - November 9

Get Talking

We're here to help you. Here's this week's attempt at serving your family through facilitating meaningful and important conversations about the content we are covering at Nitro and Fusion. 

Nitro Parents: 

Bottom Line: Pi2 Living starts with Prayer 

  • What was something that stuck out to you tonight? Why is that? 
  • In your own words, explain what it means to live Pi2. 
  • Why is it so easy to pray for things that we want, but sometimes difficult to pray for other people?
  • Who are the people you are praying for? 
  • Parent: Share the list of people that YOU are praying will hear and respond to the Gospel. 

Fusion Parents: 

Bottom Line: Big Influence starts with a Small Step

With a tough past and not opportunities later in life, Moses had no reason to believe that he would be used do anything extraordinary. But after a few encounters with God, Moses’ perspective changed completely. He found that when you're with God, there is no limit to what He can do. 

  • What was something that stuck out to you tonight? Why is that? 
  • What was the definition of influence? (Answer: Relationship = influence)
  • Who do you see yourself having influence over? How can you use that influence? 
  • What step is out in front of you right now that you could take to start the process of having No Limits to your influence? What person, club, position, relationship or job is God wanting you to step out in faith about?
  • Parent: Share the story of someone who influenced you in High School (Remind your student that the person who influenced you wasn't perfect)