We get that a lot...

Here are some questions you might be asking about our bigger (especially overnight) events:

  1. How many adults are going? 

    • Each event varies based on the number of students attending. However, the ratio of students to adults is typically between 3:1 and 5:1. 

  2. Can I trust the Adult Leaders? 

    • Nobody does student ministry with our students unless they've been approved by our church and have been given a criminal history background check. You can depend on us to be careful and earnest about who gets to hang out with your kids. 

  3. Will my kid need extra money? 

    • It depends from event to event. If they need extra money for a meal on the road, we'll tell you in advance. If not otherwise noted, all expenses (including meals, lodging, etc) are covered by the event registration cost. 

  4. How do I get a hold of my kid/leaders in case of emergency?

    • We will always give you the key leader's cell phone number just in case. But, if your student has a cell phone, there is a good chance they'll be able to have that with them throughout the trip. 

  5. What are the Sleeping arrangements like? 

    • We provide gender-specific and separated sleeping arrangements at all our events. Those dorms/houses/cabins are staffed by adult leaders of the same gender. 

  6. Who drives the students to and from events? 

    • Our adult leaders drives vehicles to and from events. Each driver has been vetted and cleared by our church.

  7. To whom do I make out my payment check?

    • You can make all checks payable to Northridge Church

  8. Do you have an online payment/registration option?

    • We are excited to say that we do! Just click HERE to get started!