High School Small Groups Leaders

We believe that Life Change happens better in circles than in rows.

That's why we're all about Small Groups. Every week, we get together in groups by grade and gender so we can get real about life, the Bible and what it means. It's a safe place to talk about doubts, excitement, pain and growth: all the stuff you know you've got going on, but you're not sure how to talk about, or who would actually listen. Congratulations: this is that place. 

If you're a parent...

then you know parenting teens can just be tough. We don't pretend that we here at NYM could provide all these students need spiritually, and the Bible says that parents are ultimately meant to be that guiding influence. That's why we want to partner WITH you to create More and Better teen followers. So here - Think of your student's Small Group Leader as your best friend. Your Greatest Ally. Your #1 Fan. These people are here to partner with you in raising children that love God and love others. 

...and they want to get to know you too! 

So, please don't hesitate to reach out to these leaders via the contact information that's provided. There's nothing quite as dynamic as a parent and a small group leader who are partnered together for student growth!