Registration Details

1 - Medical Authorization Form

Click the box below for the General Medical Authorization Form - It's required for attendance at all over-night NYM events.  Once you fill it out, we will keep it on file for all future events. Please let us know if you change Medical Insurance Providers. 

2 - Ways to get Registered

The easiest way to register for NYM events is through our online payment and registration process. When camp is close, click the link under the “Events” tab for more info!

Northridge Church is full of generous people who want to see students go to camp who couldn’t normally afford to go. If you are in need of a scholarship, please reach out to Graham Spruill and he will guide you through our process.

3 - Donate to Students in Need

If you would like to donate to help a student attend the NYM event who might not be able to afford it, click the button below. Thank you for considering this! 

Donate Now