Leaders are Servants

We believe other people are more important than we are. You could say, others are first, we're second. Since we're second, we serve. That's why we started our service program S2COND SERVE.  It's a way to students to plug into serving here at Northridge. 

If you want to serve at Northridge Church and you're in 6th-12th grade, we've got ways for you to use the gifts and talents God has given you (see list below). If you want to get involved, just fill out the application to become part of our S2COND SERVE program. Once everything comes through, we'll plug you in to a place that's best for you and our church. 

You can fill out the form online by clicking the button below. 

Ways To Serve

  1. Greeting/Guest Services
    • Create an atmosphere of hospitality and personal welcome
    • Cafe - Serve food and drink items, stocking inventory
    • Greeting - Greet people at doors and provide them with relevant information, when necessary. 
  2. Audio/Video
    • Enhance the worship service through sound, light and video
  3. Stage Crew
    • Enhance the worship service through providing the necessary stage items at the proper times
  4. Roadie Crew (Greece and Webster Only)
    • Help set up and tear down our portable campuses
  5. Nursery: Ages 1-2
    • Care for and play with toddlers to provide a fun and safe environment 
  6. The Ark: Age 2 (Irondequoit Only)
    • Care for and play with 2 year olds to provide a fun and safe environment
  7. Hot Spot: Ages 3 & 4
    • Assistant: Interact with kids to engage them in all morning activities 
  8. HighPoint (Grades K-5)
    • Set up/Tear Down 
    • Small Group Assistant - Help group leader by interacting with kids to engage them in group activities 
    • Small Group Leader (10th-12th graders) - Connect relationally with a small group of kids to teach truth and create an environment that encourages and celebrates spiritual growth
    • Virtues Worship Team - Lead children in dancing and singing with energy and enthusiasm in worshipping God for who he is and what He's done 
    • Tech Team - Enhance the Bible story and worship experience through sound, light and video