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Double Dog Dare-a-Thon

The Double Dog Dare is the ultimate ultimatum. It's an offer you can't refuse. It's a challenge from which you can't back down. It's the grandaddy of all tests. 

Over the course of a good Double Dog Dare, many a boy has become a man; many a victor has been crowned; and legends have been born. The tales of epic valor and courageous exploits that have been forged through double-canine-duels live on in the hearts of those who witnessed their greatness! This is the moment for GLORY! This is the chance of a lifetime! This is a day to remember!

The Main Idea

This is a "build your own event" event! Starting on April 19th and ending on May 3rd at Nitro/Fusion, this Double Dog Dare-a-Thon will encompass of NYM, and will be the cause of plenty of fantastic moments and memories. 

Basically, you will arrange a sleepover or a hangout time with your friends, your small group, or some people on your Pi2 list. During that hangout time, you will attempt the 10 Dares below. You must take video/pictures of you and your friends attempting these dares, and you'll post them to Instagram with some specific hashtags. Then, on May 3rd in Nitro and Fusion, we will select a winning team for each dare, and give out prizes! 

In other words, your church is asking you to hang out with your friends, do crazy things, and post videos of yourself doing those crazy things. Your parents are going to love this! 

The Rules

  1. You must have fun!
  2. Any person may be on as many teams as they want
  3. Each team must have at least 3 people
  4. You must receive parental permission for any event held at your house! 
  5. You must post all videos/pictures to Instagram
  6. You must use #NYMDoubleDog on each video/picture
  7. You must create a unique Hashtag for your team name, and post it in the caption of each video/picture (for example, #BestTeamEver)
  8. You must give the number of the dare you are attempting in each caption (for example, #Dare1 or #Dare9)
  9. You must tag either @nymfusion or @nymnitro in each video, depending on whether you are a Fusion or Nitro student! 


So just remember: every post needs to have 3 hashtags (#NYMDoubleDog, Your Team, The dare) and 1 mention (either @nymnitro or @nymfusion). 

ALTERNATE SUBMISSION METHOD: Nitro students may submit pictures/videos to Joe Ferrante - (585)259-7761.  Fusion students may submit to Aaron Hixson - (585)441-4243. For those who choose this method, they must give their team name, and the number of the dare they are submitting. Also, all videos must be 15 seconds or less to be fair to those who post to Instagram (which prohibits videos longer than 15 seconds).

The Dares

Remember! This is a competition! Creativity, excellence and presentation are all factors! You can put music in the background of your video? Do it! You can do your own stunts? Do it! You can add special effects? Do it! 

May the best team win! 

  1. Post a picture of a person wearing as many layers of clothes as you can get on them. Comment with the number of layers!  
  2. Post a video of a member of your group creating a mustache or beard on another person's face with Mustard. 
  3. Post your best 15 second group lip sync video (make sure the song is appropriate!). We will choose the top two videos, then play them at the closing ceremonies on May 3rd, and let the audience be the judge of the winner! 
  4. With your phone, record a video of THIS commercial (on mute) with someone in the background providing a "bad lip reaping" or a funny voice-over. 
  5. Invent your own gross/creative S'More and post a video of someone in your group trying it. Make sure you comment with the ingredients (Example: Mayonnaise and Green Peppers between 2 Doritos!)
  6. Make an awesome human pyramid, and post a video of of your group trying to hold the pyramid for 15 seconds! Comment how long you held the pyramid without collapsing! (Bonus Points for every person involved in the pyramid who doesn't normally attend Nitro or Fusion)
  7. Put a line of cereal on the ground and have two members of your team face off to see who can eat more pieces during the 15 second video without using their hands. 
  8. Have all but one of the members of your team stuff their mouths full of crackers and stand in a circle around one member of your group. Then, have everyone who has crackers in their mouth begin "beat-boxing" and have the person in the middle freestyle rap for a 15 second video.
  9. Have one member of your group attempt to write "Nitro" or "Fusion" on their own forehead without using a mirror. Post a video of their attempt! 
  10. Post a video of one member of your group drinking a can of soda through a sock. 

Have fun! And may the odds be ever in your favor! See you on May 3rd for the Closing Ceremony! 

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