1. Pray

    • Prayer is of utmost importance in anything, EVER! With that said, we'd love for you to take a couple of days and pray about your future involvement in our Student Ministry.

  2. Contact

    • Set up a meeting with Zach Laskowski, our Connections Director, by clicking here. This is an opportunity for you to get to know the heartbeat of our ministry, why we exist, and interview us to see if NYM is something you want to be apart of!

  3. Come

    • The best way to get to know us, see what we do around here, and to discover how you can get involved, is to check out our program! You're invited to come out Wednesday night to NYM, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Irondequoit Campus. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to hang out in our middle school environment or our high school environment! 

  4. Apply

    • After you come and check out what we do each week, we'd love for you to fill out a staff application. 

  5. Interview

    • After you've had a chance to see what we're all about and we've gotten to see you in action, we'll have an official interview. This will be our chance to get to know you better, see how you're wired, and where you'll fit best in our Church. We want to set you up for success, wherever that success is to be found!